Radio Projects

Contributing Producer at Interfaith Voices

I pitched a story to Interfaith Voices on whether psilocybin, the psychedelic compound found in “magic mushrooms” can induce  mystical and spiritual experiences. I researched the topic, contacted the segment’s three guest speakers, pre-interviewed them, and wrote interview questions for the program. It aired in March 2016.


Listen to the full show here.

Outreach and Engagement Internship at WTJU

I worked at WTJU as an outreach and engagement intern. To spread the  word about UVA’s new student station, WTJX (now WXTJ), I produced numerous pre-recorded shows that included student leaders, musicians, app developers, and more. Below are a few of the programs I created for WTJX.

WTJU Internship

In the summer of 2013, the Virginia Association of Broadcasters assigned me to intern at WTJU, a community radio station in Charlottesville, Virginia. I created a feature on the Storyline Project, an interactive camp with a different theme every year. Storyline 2013 taught Charlottesville kids about transit in and around the city.

I also interviewed members of the Piedmont Council for the Arts. From conversations with gallery owners, dancers, musicians, and other artists, I created over 30 sonic IDs that became part of a special “Arts in January” month at WTJU.

Soundboard Co-host

As co-host for WTJU’s public affairs program Soundboard, I interviewed professors, authors, local reporters, and other community members about current events.

Soundboard Producer 

I produced and wrote the weekly script for over 30 editions of Soundboard. For each show, I booked three to seven guests, who ranged from UVA students, faculty, and alumni to reporters, politicians, artists, and more.

This exemplifies a typical show: Script – February 18, 2013
This edition includes a conversation with a UVA student tour guide; a speech from Fannie Lou Hamer for Black History Month; advice from a sommelier on guided wine and cooking tours; information about UVA’s French Film Festival; and other University and Charlottesville news and stories.  


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